Summer vacation in south india

summer vacation in south india
summer vacation in south india

summer vacation in south india, Ayyappa Dharshanam Sree Dharma Sastha Temple dedicated to Lord

Ayyappa, is situated amidst dense forest in Sabarimala. This temple holds place of prominence among hindus

worldwide, and the sight of ‘Padhinettaam Padi’ or the 18 Golden Steps leading to the sanctum sanctorum

itself is considered sacred.

Millions visit Sabarimala every year abiding by centuries old strict vows of fasting for 41 days during the

festival season in the Malayalam month of ‘Makaram’, which culminates with ‘Makaravilakku’ in the month of


For devotees who wish to undertake this pilgrimage, we provide facilities including wash n’ change upon

arrival at Kochi, arrangements for the wearing of ‘Maala’ and ‘Kettunira’ at a local Sastha Temple and

transfers to Sabarimala & back. We assist in reservation for conducting ‘Abhishekam’ in the temple. We

provide all the pooja materials required.

An experienced Ayyappa devotee or Guruswamy would guide and accompany the pilgrims.

Upon completion of the pilgrimage, we offer ‘Paadhapooja’ to the participants, which is an ayurvedic

rejuvenative therapy for tired leg muscles.

No place better than Goa to unwind the clock and let go of the stress…!!!

Looking for a weekend break, head to Goa…!!!

The easy going life and clubs & pubs in Goa would rejuvenate the mind and body. It’s called the happiness therapy, which is a way of life in this small state and it rubs off on every tourist visiting this place.

Enjoy the Sun n’ Sand, beach activities and watersports. The shacks lining the shores of the famous beaches offer great seafood.

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