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Azhagar Kovil

Azhagar Kovil, also known as Algar Kovil, is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu, mainly in the form of Kallazhagar. The temple is located in the Alagar Hills near Madurai in Tamil Nadu, India. Here are some facts about Azhagar Kovil:

Location :

Azhagar Kovil is located in the Alagar Hills, about 21 km north of Madurai in Tamil Nadu.

Deity :

The main deity of the temple is Lord Vishnu, who is worshiped in his form as Kallazhagar. Kallazhagar is believed to be a form of Vishnu in his hunting form.

Legend :

According to Hindu mythology, Kallazhagar is said to have appeared at the wedding of Meenakshi (one form of Goddess Parvati) and Lord Sundareshwarar (one form of Shamvara) in fulfillment of a promise he made to the celestial deities.

Annual Procession :

One of the most important features of Azhagar Kovil is the annual Chithirai Thiruvizha festival. The celebration includes a grand procession of the Kallazhagar statue from Azhagar Kovil to Madurai. The event attracts many volunteers and tourists.

Alagar Koyil Vaigai River Bathing Festival :

Another important festival celebrated at Azhagar Kovil is the Alagar Koyil Vaigai River Bathing Festival, where the deity is believed to take a ritual bath in the Vaigai River.

Temple Architecture :

The temple exhibits Dravidian architecture and is surrounded by breathtaking scenery. The gopuram (entrance tower) is decorated with intricate designs and sculptures depicting various myths.

Pavazhakundru Murugan Temple :

Pavazhakundru Murugan Temple dedicated to Lord Murugan is located near Azhagar Kovil. Both temples are frequented by travelers during their travels.

Natural Surroundings :

Ajahagar Kovil is situated in a peaceful and picturesque setting surrounded by mountains and forests. The natural beauty of the place enhances the spiritual atmosphere of the temple.

Pancha Loka Vigrahas :

In the holy of holies of the temple, the deity resembles an image of the five worlds, representing the five elements: earth, water, fire, air and ether.

Accessibility :

Azhagar Kovil can be reached by road from Madurai. The temple is well connected, and there are regular buses and private cars to take pilgrims and visitors to the temple.

Azhagar Kovil Railway Station :

The temple is located at a railway station known as Azhagar Kovil Railway Station, thus making it easier for devotees to reach the temple by train.

Devotee Offerings :

Devotees offer various prayers, flowers and offerings to seek the blessings of Lord Kallazhagar.

Azhagar Kovil image
Azhagar Kovil

The Azhagar Kovil has great cultural and religious significance, and its annual festivals, especially Chithirai Thiruvizha, are major attractions. The temple as well as the legend of Lord Vishnu and its location in the serene mountains make it a considered pilgrimage site in the region.

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