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Botanical Garden

Ooty, officially called Udhagam Mandal, is a famous hill station in the Nilgiri Mountains in Tamil Nadu, India. The Botanical Gardens in Ooty is one of the most famous and visited botanical gardens in the country.

Establishment :

The Government Botanic Gardens at Ooty was established in 1848. It is one of the oldest botanical gardens in India.

Location :

The botanical garden is located on the lower slopes of Doddabetta Peak, the highest peak of the Nilgiris. It is easily accessible from downtown Ooty.

Area and Layout :

Spanning 55 acres, the park is laid out as a skyscraper. Settings include manicured lawns, flower beds and themed sections.

Plant Collections :

The Botanical Gardens at Ooty have a diverse collection of plants, including various flowering plants, trees, shrubs and ferns The garden is a repository of many exotic and endemic plants.

Fossil Tree Trunk :

One of the outstanding features of the park is a fossilized tree believed to be more than 20 million years old.

Conservatory :

Tropical plants such as orchids and ferns are in a conservatory in the park. Ooty provides a controlled environment for growing plants that do not thrive under outdoor conditions.

Rose Garden :

In the botanical garden, the rose garden is dedicated to different varieties of roses. This is a colorful and fragrant section that attracts visitors with its vibrant displays.

Italian Garden :

The Italian garden is known for its elaborate arrangements in plants and flowers. It gives the botanical garden a little more beauty.

Annual Flower Show :

The Government Botanic Gardens hold a flower show every year, usually in May. The flower show attracts visitors from different parts of the country and showcases an amazing variety of flowers.

Toda Hill :

The Toda Hill in the botanical garden is dedicated to the Toda tribe, a tribe of the Nilgiris. Traditional Toda houses and artifacts can be seen here, providing an insight into the local culture.

Glass House :

The Glass House is an iconic landmark in the park, and hosts garden shows and events.

Education and Safety :

The botanical garden serves educational purposes and contributes to the conservation of plant biodiversity. It provides insights into gardening, plant classification and environmental protection.

Tourist Facilities :

The park has walkways, seating areas and an information board for visitors. Visitors are usually charged a fee.

Botanical-Garden-Ooty image
Botanical Garden

The Botanical Gardens at Ooty is not only a haven for nature enthusiasts and botanists but also makes Ooty a tourist destination The well-maintained gardens are a beautiful setting for relaxing walks and showcasing the beautiful flora appreciation of the plant life.

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