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Eravikulam National Park

Eravikulam National Park is a famous national park located in Idukki district of Kerala, India. Known for its rich biodiversity and breathtaking scenery, the park is particularly well known for being home to the endangered Nilgiri Tahar. Here are some facts about Eravikulam National Park:

Location :

Eravikulam National Park is located in the Western Ghats, about 15 km from Munnar, a famous hill station in Kerala. The park is part of the Anamalai sub-group that falls within the Western Ghats, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Altitude :

The park’s elevation ranges from 2,000 to 2,695 meters above sea level (6,561 to 8,842 feet).

Establishment :

Eravikulam National Park was established in 1978 to protect the Nilgiritahar, an endangered species of mountain goat.

Area :

The park covers an area of about 97 square kilometres.

Flora :

The park is known for its diverse flora including high grasslands, mossy forests and a variety of flowering plants. The blue curry flowers, which bloom once every 12 years, are a major attraction. During the blooming season, it covers the hills with a bright blue carpet.

Fauna :

The Nilgiri Tahar, an endangered species, is the dominant fauna in the park. The park was originally established to protect and conserve this unique mountain goat. Other wildlife in the park includes elephants, gaur (Indian bison), elephants and various species of rhinos. A variety of birds also live here.

Rajamalai :

The tourist spot in Eravikulam National Park is known as Rajamalai. The area is open to tourists, the designated trails allow visitors to explore the park and avoid disturbance from wildlife.

Anamudi Peak :

Anamudi Hill, the highest peak in South India, is located in the park. Treks to the summit are arranged with special permission from the forest department.

Visitor Guidelines :

Due to the sensitivity of the ecosystem and the presence of endangered species, visitors are required to follow the guidelines and rules laid down by the forest department.

Visitor Center :

The park is located in the tourist center of Rajamalai, which provides information about the ecology, flora and fauna of the park.

Nearest Attractions :

Eravikulam National Park is close to other tourist attractions in Munnar, such as Mattupetty Dam, Kundala Dam and tea plantations.

Best Time to Visit :

The park is usually open to visitors from November to April, and the best time to visit is during the cool, clear dry season.

Eravikulam-National-Park image
Eravikulam National Park

Eravikulam National Park offers nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts a unique opportunity to experience the biodiversity of the Western Ghats. Conservation efforts within the park are playing an important role in preserving the eucalyptus lake habitat and maintaining the ecological balance of the area.

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