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Tipu Sultan Summer Palace

The Summer Palace of Tipu Sultan also known as "Dariya Daulat Bagh" is a historical site located in Srirangapatta near Mysore, Karnataka, India. Here are the details of Tipu Sultan’s summer house:

Location :

The Summer Palace is located on an island on the river Cauvery, in Srirangapatna, which was the actual capital of the state of Mysore during the reign of Tipu Sultan.

Construction Period :

Built by Tipu Sultan between 1782 and 1784, the palace served as his summer residence.

Architectural Style :

The palace displays Indo-Muslim architecture with influences from Persian and Hindu styles. There are ornate paintings and polished wooden floors.

Materials :

The palace is mainly made of teak wood, mortar and plaster. There are beautiful murals on the walls and ceilings depicting various historical and wartime scenes.

Landscape Design :

The palace is surrounded by Daria Daulat Bagh (Dhansagar Garden) decorated in Persian Charbagh style. The park has trails, fountains and a small museum.

Artwork and Frescoes :

The walls of the palace are covered with murals and paintings depicting the military campaigns of Tipu Sultan against the British, including the battles of Polilur and Seringapatam.

Tiger Stripe Motif :

The famous tiger stripes associated with Tipu Sultan and his army figure prominently in the decorations of the palace.

Tipu's Memorabilia :

The palace has a small museum displaying Tipu Sultan’s memorabilia, his clothes, weapons and personal effects.

Tipu's Death :

It is believed that Tipu Sultan spent his last days in this palace. He died during the Fourth Anglo-Mysore War in 1799 while defending his capital Srirangapatta.

Columns and Pillars :

The palace has beautifully carved wooden pillars and columns, reflecting the style of the craftsmen of the time.

Restoration :

Efforts were made to restore the palace in order to preserve its historical and architectural significance. The murals and artwork were carefully restored to retain their original charm.

Accessibility :

Srirangapattam is easily accessible from Mysore and Bangalore. The Summer Palace is a popular tourist attraction, attracting history buffs and tourists interested in the heritage of Tipu Sultan.

Heritage Site :

Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace is recognized as a heritage site, reflecting the historical and cultural significance of Tipu Sultan’s time in the area.

Tipu-Sultan's-Summer-Palace image
Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace

Visitors to the Tipu Sultan Summer Palace can not only explore the architectural beauty of the building but also the historical events and life of Tipu Sultan during an important period of Indian history

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